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Who is the Xarelto lawsuit commercial actress? Is she well known or is she an up and coming professional actor? The commercials feature Kevin Nealon and other high-profile celebrity males, not females. Because even still problems with the heart, cholesterol, and blood pressure, are still often associated with men, this may be the purpose for having all male actors.

The commercial advertising the lawsuit against the Xarelto manufacturers is a female, though. Maybe this is to appeal to the many significant others and wives who may be paying more attention than their husbands, boyfriends or significant others who are busy out playing golf, like the male celebrities on the original commercial. In any case, this may be the commercial actress that you’re looking for:

Xarelto is specifically prescribed to treat afibrillation, or irregular heartbeat that is not a result of a defective heart valve. The problem with afib is that it puts the body at an increase for potentially deadly blood clot formation. A blood clot that happens in the main pathways to the brain causes oxygen deprivation in what is known as a stroke.

Arnold Palmer then goes on to indicate what Xarelto does to prevent deep vein thrombosis, the blood clots deep in veins found in the legs. Such DVTs can wreak havoc when they are able to go free, and travel into the lungs as in a pulmonary embolism.

Warfarin (Coumadin) is a very effective and low-cost method to treat these problems and have been used with great success for more than 50 years. The drawback has always been that it is a blood thinner and therefore it impacts the individual’s ability to stop bleeding if they even get a minor cut. The other added warnings are for the individual to avoid vitamin K, which are usually found in leafy greens.

Xarelto, unllike Warfarin and almost any other prescription medication on the market, comes in a convenient one-dose-fits all unit. The reason there are prescriptions is not only to ensure that the wrong medication does not end up in the wrong hands, but also to ensure the proper dosing based on need, height, weight, and other factors.

While Warfarin can lead to blood loss, Xarelto may allow serious internal bleeding to occur. The problem with internal bleeding is that it is very difficult to identify when it happens. It is also very serious, so the two factors together present a very precarious health situation.

While there are lawsuits brewing, the manufacturer of Xarelto also has an antidote for thrombosis to treat this, along with antiphospholipid syndrome to prevent a thromboembolism.

Warfarin is still the treatment option for this issue, and that may be a great thing for most people who have relied on this for decades. While there are positives to the newer entrant, Xarelto, onto the market, the antidote for VTE is closer to release on the overall market. So, yes, the manufacturer has created both the replacement for Warfarin, it alleges, and the antidote to the internal bleeding Xarelto causes. Who knows if doctors will go for it.

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